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Trunk Shows, Travel and Transformation: An Interview with Jamie Ivey

If you’ve spent enough time around Noonday you’ve probably heard us mention Jamie Ivey a time or two. Jamie attended the very first Noonday Trunk Show hosted by our founder Jessica, who was selling jewelry in her home to raise funds to adopt from Rwanda. Jamie has been one of our biggest cheerleaders and supporters over the years and has since hosted three Noonday Trunk Shows of her own.

Jamie is married to Aaron and together they have four children. She blogs about life as a wife and mom and also has a popular podcast called The Happy Hour. We recently caught up with Jamie about her love for Noonday, her recent trip to Uganda and what keeps her feeling inspired.

Jamie Ivey

Hey Jamie! First, can you tell us what made you want to be a Noonday Hostess?

There are two reasons I wanted to host a Noonday Trunk Show.

I love the story and the work that Noonday is creating around the world. To see women be empowered and able to support their families when they couldn’t before excites me. (Click to tweet)

The passion that Noonday shows for fair wages, continued partnerships and quality jewelry are all really important to me.

My second reason for hosting a Noonday Trunk Show is the Hostess Rewards! There are a few Noonday pieces that I fall in love with each season that might be out of my particular budget. I’ll host a show and with my Hostess Rewards I’m able to get the pieces that I’ve been wanting.

It’s a fabulous way to expand your jewelry collection and help men and women around the world. (Click to tweet)

Tell us a bit more about your Trunk Show experiences. What’s your favorite part?

My favorite part is having my friends in my home. I love having people over, so it’s a great time to hang out with the people I love, all while making a difference in the world. I have truly enjoyed getting to share the mission of Noonday with friends that might not know about it.

What would you tell people who are hesitant about hosting?

It’s really a win-win for everyone involved!

Your friends get to shop beautiful jewelry, you earn rewards and you get to help Artisans around the world continue to provide for their families. (Click to tweet)

You can make it as fancy or as low-key as you want. My last show was during the day and it was the best one I have had so far. My Ambassador set up the jewelry on my kitchen table for a few hours and friends popped in throughout the day. This gave them the flexibility to come and go, so it was very convenient. The overall atmosphere was nice and laid back.

2015 Spring Launch Trunk Show with Jamie Ivey

Jamie, you’ve had the unique experience of meeting some of Noonday’s artisan partners face to face. You were able to meet artisan entrepreneurs Jalia and Daniel at Noonday’s Ambassador Conference this past January and again in Uganda last month. What was that like for you?

I have always been a fan of Noonday because of Jessica, the mission and the jewelry. But after talking to Jalia and Daniel, the couple that runs Noonday’s partner business in Uganda, my love for Noonday grew exponentially. For the first time ever, it became real to me that there are real people around the world that Noonday is purchasing jewelry from. Real men and women who are making a living and providing for their families. Men and women whose partnership with Noonday has allowed their businesses to grow and flourish beyond what they ever could have imagined!

Last month, I was able to travel to Uganda with another organization, Sole Hope, and see Jalia and Daniel again. I also had the privilege to meet some of the Artisans they employ while I was there.


Tell us a little bit about why that reunion with Jalia and Daniel was so special to you.

One of the moments that stuck out to me when I met Jalia for the first time in the U.S. was when she told me that her company wanted to give back. They didn’t always want to be on the receiving end; they also wanted to be the ones giving. When I saw Jalia, Daniel, and 25 of the women they employ, they were doing just that. They had joined Sole Hope and were giving back to others in their community.

They joined us at one of Sole Hope’s jigger removal clinics and immediately jumped in to help. They were treating the children from the village by washing feet before inspection for jiggers. Many of them did the actual removal of jiggers from the children’s feet as well.

Seeing the Artisans care about this problem, when most people in Uganda don’t (it’s very shameful to have jiggers), was quite moving. It once again showed me how much we all have in common even though we live across the world from one another. Jalia and the Artisans of African Style want to make a difference in this world just like you and I do.

I wish that every customer of Noonday’s could travel around the world and meet the Artisans that are creating their jewelry. For me, meeting them has made my appreciation for Noonday’s mission even stronger.

We dream of that too! It certainly becomes even more real when you have met these people face to face. So, tell us, what inspires you?

Women doing big things inspires me. Moms doing big things inspires me.

As a momma to four, sometimes I can feel as though my chance to do big things is over, but that’s a lie. (Click to tweet)

I get to do big things with my kids, around the world, and in my community all the time. It might look different for me as a 36-year-old mom to four than when I was a 22-year-old college student, but God still has big stuff planned for us in every stage of our lives.

Well said! We’re always looking for a great new read. Tell us, what are you currently reading?

I just finished three books while on my trip to Uganda – Still Alice, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain and Pink Warrior. Two memoirs, and one fiction that I’m now dying to see the movie adaption of! I’m currently reading Nobody’s Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle, and up next is Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson

I have so many books on my night stand to get to!

Thanks to Jamie for sharing her Trunk Show, travel, and literary experiences with us! For more from Jamie, check out her blog at or her podcast, The Happy Hour.

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