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The Story Behind the Styles: Leather Bags from India

For generations, Artisans in the sand-swept region of Rajasthan have practiced the art of leather tanning. Our Artisan Partners work to preserve this unique heritage and help it evolve. The result is a collection of handbags that are both beautifully designed and ethically crafted.

Goat leather dries in the sun in Rajasthan.

How It’s Made Matters

While traditional tanning uses harmful chemicals, our Artisan Partners have developed a special tanning process using local plants. This form of “vegetable tanning” is a tradition in this region, and it gives the leather its natural look without the use of chemicals. Vegetable-tanned leather ages gracefully, transitioning from a light fawn to a rich caramel color. This means that each leather bag is an accessory you can carry for years to come!

Artisans in India gather for a photo.

Our goat leather styles made by our Artisan Partner in India have been some of our best-selling and top-rated styles of all time! Thanks to your purchases, the Product Team at Noonday Collection has collaborated closely with our Artisan Partner to create new styles of bags and accessories. Our new Bravo Bag and Day Dreamer Crossbody are already fan favorites! This increase in demand means consistent, dignified work for the talented Artisans behind each product.

Sajjad’s Story

Raised in a small village near Kolkata, Sajjad used to believe that he could never have a consistent, safe job that supported his family. After learning to stitch leather in his early twenties, he made the brave decision to leave his family and everything he knew behind to search for work with his newfound craft. Sajjad worked day by day to improve his skills and eventually found a position with our Artisan Partner in Delhi. 

The Day Dreamer Crossbody, the Bravo Bag, and the Rustic Leather Wallet by Noonday Collection.

“Sajjad is one of our best stitchers,” says our Artisan Partner, “His work is very fine, and he enjoys his work here.” Today, Sajjad’s work crafting bags for Noonday Collection has made it possible for his wife and children to relocate to Delhi to be together. They are now able to send their two young children to one of the area’s best schools.

When you purchase the Bravo Bag, Day Dreamer Crossbody, Rustic Leather Wallet, or other leather products from India, you support Artisans like Sajjad.