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Tales of Flourishing in India

Craft is a tradition that has deep roots in local communities throughout India. Our Artisan Partners harness a variety of materials and techniques that have often been passed on for generations. Today, in 55 Community Workshops across India, Artisans work to create the stylish accessories our customers love. We specifically seek out Artisan Businesses who focus on providing dignified work to the most vulnerable members of their communities. These are a few of their stories!

Basudev and Ramani: Continuing Time-Honored Crafts

In a remote Indian village surrounded by forested hills, Basudev and Ramani work as Artisans who preserve the time-honored craft of dhokra – a lost-wax casting technique that requires a high level of skill and an artist’s hand. No two pieces are exactly alike! As husband and wife, Basudev and Ramani are able to support themselves and their two young daughters thanks to your purchases.

Basudev began learning dhokra as a twelve-year-old, watching his father put together beautiful pieces by hand. After marrying Ramani, he taught his wife the trade as well so that she could also be an active breadwinner for their family. Dhokra is considered hereditary in their village, but it’s more than an artform. This skillset is the family occupation, the community’s main source of income, and a tradition that the couple feels immensely proud to carry on. 

Basudev and Ramani dream to educate their children well (while their two-year-old is too young for school, their seven-year-old daughter is now taking classes!) and to lead a happy, comfortable life as a family. Your orders help them do just that. 

Some products that Basudev, Ramani, and their friends make: Dhokra Teardrop Earrings, Legacy Earrings, Spiraled Pendant Necklace

Mili: Extending Opportunity to Her Community

Mili has worked for one of our Artisan Partners for 11 years now. Since she started receiving orders from Noonday Collection, Mili has been able to reliably support her family and make significant improvements in her business that have extended opportunity to other Artisans in her community.

In Mili’s own words, “My work has increased, and this has made a great impact on my life. I took the initiative to upgrade my printing unit and have made all the Artisans working under me salaried. I have also improved upon all the tools required for printing. My work has helped me be economically independent. I wish for my work to run successfully so that I am satisfied creatively and can also help my family achieve their desires.”

Samaresh: Flourishing From Dignified Work

Samaresh began weaving in his older brother’s company at a young age. He quickly learned the intricacies of the craft, and as time passed, he set his sights on opening his own unit. After years of fulfilling orders in his local community, Samaresh met one of our Artisan Partners in India, and he began receiving orders to make Noonday Collection products.

“Weaving has always been an integral part of my life,” he says.

Thanks to Noonday Ambassadors, Hostesses, and customers, Samaresh is able to depend on his weaving business to support his family of four.

Three Stories. Lasting Impact.

Basudev and Ramani, Mili, and Samaresh are just a few of the talented Artisans whose livelihoods your orders help support. There are countless more Artisan stories to tell, and it’s your orders that empower them to strive for flourishing futures for their families and greater communities. Shop the collection today to help us continue making an impact!