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Opportunity and Need: Travis Wilson’s Journey to India

Travis Wilson and Jessica Honegger, the Founders and co-CEOs of Noonday Collection, recently traveled to India and meet with our artisan business partners. They traveled across the country to connect with artisans whose lives are being changed through dignified work. Travis took a break from...

Small but Mighty: Introducing Sunita

Standing at no more than 5 ft. 3 in. tall, Sunita is an amiable force to be reckoned with. Kindness exudes from every part of her small frame. Everywhere she walks in her small community of Badapur in southern New Delhi, Sunita smiles and waves...

Sham: An Example of True Love

Amidst all those ruby red chocolate boxes, fluffy stuffed teddy bears, candy hearts and bouquets of roses, it's easy to forget what true love looks like around this time of year. While we full-heartedly support all Valentine paraphernalia, we also believe these items should only...