Sisterhood Across the Globe: Krista

Today on Flourish, we’re interviewing Krista Box, a Noonday Ambassador who lives with her husband Jake and kids Camp, Enock and Della in Austin, Texas. When Krista launched her Noonday Collection business in 2011, she was the first Ambassador here in Austin. We caught up with Krista to learn what the Ambassador Community has meant to her over the last five years.

Krista Box Noonday Ambassador

Thanks for joining us on Flourish, Krista! To start, tell us how you first connected to Noonday Collection.

Six years ago, my husband Jake and I were in the process of adopting a child from Uganda. We went to an African Children’s Choir concert where I met Jessica Honegger. She was adopting from Rwanda and had just started Noonday to help bring her son Jack home.

Jessica recognized that Noonday could be bigger than a fundraiser for her adoption. She wanted to help other families bring their kids home, too. I hosted one of the very first Noonday Trunk Shows as a fundraiser for our own adoption and have been connected to Noonday ever since!

What was it like to be one of the very first Ambassadors?

It was amazing. I was the only Ambassador in Austin, so Jessica Honegger was like my coach! She came to my first Trunk Shows and would call me just to see how things were going in my business. I felt so empowered and encouraged by her – and this unleashed me to grow in my business!

Jessica’s leadership enabled me to turn around and coach other women. I know how important having a mentor was for me when I was starting off my business as an entrepreneur. It’s a joy to be able to do this for other women!

Just a couple months after you became an Ambassador, you got a life changing phone call. Tell us about that.

Yes! Nearly five years ago, my husband Jake and I were at Austin City Limits, a music festival in Austin, when we got the call that we had been matched with a child! We travelled to Uganda the next Monday to bring our son Enock home.

When we were in Uganda, I spent time with Jalia and Daniel, Caleb, Bukenya and Coral – some of Noonday’s first Artisan Partners. This relationships inspired made me want to sell like crazy when I came home. I knew how much it mattered in their lives. So when I got back to Austin in November, I hit the ground running with my Noonday business.

For five years, you’ve been on a journey with some incredible women. What does the Ambassador Community mean to you?

When I became an Ambassador in July 2011, there were just a handful of Ambassadors. Wynne, Whitney, Kate, Shannon, Brandi and Holly: these girls are now dear friends!

Ambassador Community Fun

For five years, we’ve come alongside each other. We’ve cheered one another on. We’ve celebrated each other’s successes. Now these relationships are deep! We talk almost daily and we cherish the times we are all in the same city.

Today there are more than 1,000 Ambassadors all across the country, but as a Coach, I love that Teams become small communities where women are encouraged and loved on. I am passionate about creating a culture where women can come alongside one another.

You have been inviting women to join Noonday since day one, long before we launched the Coaching Opportunity. What inspired you to reach out to other women about becoming an Ambassador?

The Ambassador Opportunity was too good not to share! And I knew that if we really wanted to transform communities worldwide, I would need to multiple myself. A few months after we brought Enock home, we moved across town to plant a church. Pretty quickly I recognized that I could only do so much!

I wanted to reproduce myself, so I invited someone from my old neighborhood to launch her own Noonday Collection business. I knew she would be great. Together we could partner with way more women, do many more Trunk Shows, and multiply our impact!

We really are better together! From a more personal perspective, how has Noonday Collection made a difference in your life?

When I became an Ambassador, I needed to earn an income. International adoption is expensive and becoming an Ambassador helped us bring our son home. I love that this job can help my family while having a huge impact on the families of our Artisan Partners!

I have seen so much impact in my own life from Noonday Collection. I have also seen the impact that is being made worldwide. I want this opportunity for everyone!

It’s obvious that you have an intentional heart for women. Why are you so passionate about pouring into others?

I have a heart for coming alongside people to help them become the best version of themselves.

I saw this in myself even as a child. My brother has special needs and I loved coming alongside him in his learning and development. This purpose has permeated my whole life. It’s why I became a teacher. It’s why I love my role as a pastor’s wife. It’s also one of my favorite parts of being a Noonday Ambassador.

I get to come alongside women, see their unique gifting, encourage them and develop them into all they can be. I have a passion to build into women, so they can go and do the same thing for others. That’s been my story! Women have come alongside me and unleashed me to do the same with other women.

You’ve been part of making a huge impact for others during your time as an Ambassador. Is there an experience that has helped you really see Noonday’s impact?

I had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala on Ambassador Trips in both 2013 and 2014. In 2013, there were beautiful things happening. Just one year later, there was just incredible growth and health!

Ana’s Artisan Business was creating more opportunity for women in her community. Dignified jobs empowered these moms to provide for their families – and their families were flourishing! Babies were being born and older children were going to school.

In that moment I felt so overwhelmed. I could see that we were making a significant impact in these women’s lives. But I realized that the greater impact would be for these kids who would grow up with healthcare, education, healthy food, clean drinking water – and role models of moms and dads who have dignified jobs they are proud of. These kids are going to grow up to be business owners, community leaders, world changers!

Dreaming of this long-term impact is so beautiful, so rich. We are just scratching the surface of what is possible when women link arms together!

Last year, Noonday Collection launched the Coaching Opportunity. By the end of 2015, there were nine Ambassadors on your Team. Together you made an incredible impact!

Tell us how the Coaching Opportunity has changed how you approach your business.

Coaching has given me freedom to be able to invest more in my team. Before Coaching, I did more Trunk Shows each month. Today I split my time evenly between Coaching and doing Trunk Shows. The beautiful thing about Noonday is that it works in different seasons of life!

On my own, I can only hold two to four Trunk Shows a month – but my team can do more than twenty Trunk Shows a month! My impact is exponentially greater because I use my time to invest in women.

We’ll end on a fun note: what are your favorite pieces from the Spring Collection?

My favorites from Spring are the Dreamer Necklace and the Revelry Earrings from India Angled Brass Cuff and the Hammered Brass Cuff from Kenya. Oh and I love the new Great Escape Bag – I think this is one the best to date!



Thank you Krista for sharing your inspiring story with us!

Do you want to join a community of inspiring women who share a passion for changing the world? Learn about the Ambassador Opportunity! We’d also love to invite you to check out #YouMatter, our iTunes podcast for Ambassadors. The most recent #YouMatter episode features a story of four Ambassadors who became friends on an Artisan Trip!

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