Guatemala Natural Dye - Flourish by Noonday Collection

Guatemala Natural Dye

Weaving has played an integral role in the lives of over 25 Mayan people groups in Guatemala for centuries. The highly intricate designs communicate the personal identity, heritage, and ideological beliefs of the group that created them. In pre-Columbian times, only the elite classes could own or wear ornately woven cloth and clothing, but today, weaving has become a cornerstone in the economic survival of both households and villages. In addition to weaving, the art of natural dye making has been a longstanding tradition in the region. Local leaves, flowers, and bark are gathered and boiled so their natural colors can be extracted to dye the yarn. Each scarf in our collection is woven using handlooms or backstrap looms. Each special textile takes anywhere from four to eight hours to create.


May 29, 2014