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Noonday Ambassadors on the Set: Meet Debi Crouch

We love having the chance to spend time with members of our Ambassador community at our Home Office in Austin, TX! So last spring, as we began to plan our fall photo shoot, we held a contest to determine which two of these inspiring women to join us on set.  Our winning world-changers were Emily Stringer from Lafayette, Louisiana and Debi Crouch from Mission, Texas. Emily and Debi had the chance to see the new fall line before anyone else and get a sneak peek at the fall lookbook!

Debi sat down with us to share a little bit about her Noonday Ambassador journey and to talk about her favorite moments from her trip to Austin.

On the Set
Debi, Noonday Founder Jessica, and Emily on the set

Thanks for joining us, Debi! I’m sure a lot of people are curious about your “why” for becoming an Ambassador. Can you tell us how your Noonday journey started?

My daughter was the one who first told me about Noonday. I connected with the mission because of what Noonday is doing to empower women and girls. We live near the Mexico border and became familiar with the issue of human trafficking up close. As a mother of four, including two daughters, when I found out that women around the world were unable to protect and care for their daughters, it really hit me hard. I decided to host a Trunk Show, but the closest Ambassador lived 3 ½ hours away. She told me that becoming an Ambassador for my community could be a great opportunity for me, but I wasn’t looking for any new commitments. I felt like I had a full life and a full list of responsibilities.

But the Ambassador opportunity stayed on my mind. One morning I was reading my Bible and heard the Lord say, “You keep realizing how blessed you are and how you want an opportunity to be a blessing to others –well here it is.” So I signed up and have never looked back! Like Emily said, it’s been an eye-opening experience. It has made me so much more intentional about using my purchasing power for good and connected me with people around the world in a way I never would have been able to experience.

On the Set

We love hearing all the different things that have drawn women to say “yes!” to becoming Ambassadors! Can you share some of your biggest “wow” moments since starting your Ambassador business?

I have really loved getting to connect with a diverse group of people through the Trunk Show experience. One instance in particular comes to mind as a moment when I really thought, “This is why I am doing this.” I am a mentor with my church’s moms and tots group, and there is sweet a 24-year-old mom of two in the group. She and her husband live on very little, but she wanted to host a Trunk Show. She loved the mission and was committed to making it work. To make the show more affordable for her family, she asked the guests to bring refreshments. It was such a great show and her heart for Noonday’s mission really touched me.

Later, that same woman connected me with her friend in San Juan. The Hostess’ Spanish-speaking grandma came, so I ended up doing the show in English and Spanish! At that show, I shared some of the stories behind our pieces and how they are helping to empower women around the world. The women all really connected with the stories and that ended up being another great show for me! Neither of those Trunk Shows were huge in terms of sales, but I loved how these women, who have very little, are so willing to open their homes and share what they do have with others. I feel honored to get to partner with women from all different walks of life to make an impact for our partners.

On the Set

Debi meeting with Noonday designers Sarah and Johanna

It’s been so fun having you and Emily on set for the photo shoot! What have been your trip highlights?

For me, it’s been so fun getting to meet Katie, Noonday’s Community Manager and the girl who graciously answers all our questions! She’s done a great job being a Hostess to us while we’ve been here, hooking us up with some of Austin’s great restaurants and playing tour guide for us! It’s also been fun getting to meet Emily, the other Ambassador who won the trip, and to hear about the ways her Ambassador business looks similar to or different from mine. We come from pretty different communities, so I’ve been able to learn a lot from her about what her life as an Ambassador looks like in Louisiana. Hearing about her trip to Rwanda to meet our artisan partners has been really inspirational for me too. I’ve enjoyed getting to visit the Home Office and having people ask me about my experiences and opinions as an Ambassador. Having the chance to talk to Noonday’s Leadership Team directly has been really valuable for me.

On the SetDebi and Emily hitting up an Austin eatery with Community Manager Katie

As far as the new fall lookbook goes, I think my customers will love it. The direction is simplistic, with clean lines that really showcase the product. I think because women are so visual, they like to be able to feel like they can almost reach out and touch the product on the page – and that’s what this lookbook accomplishes. There are so many pieces I can’t wait to share with my customers, but I especially love the bags and scarves this season. There are so many beautiful options!

Be sure to check out our new Fall line, launching Thursday, August 6! Interested in launching your own Ambassador business? Click to learn more about our community of world-changers.

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