Watch Sham cradle his two infant twin daughters, and it's immediately apparent where his priorities lie.

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A hardworking and talented jewelry-maker who has overcome great odds, he is also a proud papa who lives and works for the sake of those closest to him.

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When he was growing up, Sham’s family struggled in poverty.

So when he was just 12 years old, he moved by himself from his small village to a town outside of New Delhi to begin working in a jewelry factory there so he could support them.

Although his only job was to sweep the floors, Sham’s jovial personality soon helped him make friends with the artisans.

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He learned from observing their work, and soon this determined boy was creating beautiful jewelry of his own.

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Today, Sham is one of two main artisans within Noonday’s partner workshop.

He oversees the work of the women employed by the factory and also makes weekly trips to the market in order to buy supplies for the group's projects.

As an artisan working with Noonday, Sham has been able to provide for his wife Shabnam and his three daughters, Kajal, Beauty and Sweetie.

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He not only earns a fair wage, but he lives rent-free on the property of the jewelry workshop.

Sham's job provides him with peace over his family's current situation, allowing him to focus on their future.

“My dream is for my children to be educated well, unlike I was, and to someday have enough money to own my own factory.”

In 2012, Sham was hurt in a car accident and had to be hospitalized for 15 days. Most people in his position would have lost at least a month of wages, which for a growing family like Sham’s, would have been devastating.

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a quarter of the world's poor

In a country that's home to

(those living on less than $1.25/day), many Indians feel that they are a breath away from the financial setback that could destroy their hopes for the future.

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Because of his workshop’s commitment to ethical practices, however, Sham still received his salary while he was recovering. The security and stability of his job is something for which he is truly grateful.

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Sham shares this thankfulness both in the way he provides for his family and in how he cares for his female coworkers.

"I want to help increase the work available to women struggling financially so they can continue to earn more,” he says.

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After watching Sham interact with Ruby, Baby, Meera, and the other women in the workshop, it's clear he views them as his equals.

The group laughs and teases Sham in the grassy courtyard while they each work on different pieces for one of Noonday’s necklaces.

For Noonday’s partner artisans, earning a livable wage in a safe environment isn't just a way for them to provide for their families; it's a way for them to provide for each other.

Sham cares for those around him because he understands what it's like to be on his own without such a community.

The jewelry Sham creates for companies like Noonday Collection provides him with the opportunity to do more for himself, his family, and his co-workers—pursuits that, little by little, are improving lives in his community.

When you purchase from Noonday Collection, you create opportunity for someone like Sham.

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