is one of our Uganda group's most loyal and tenacious artisans and now works as a production manager. And as a survivor of life on the streets of Kampala, he is a testament to the transformative power of hard work and perseverance.

To experience Bukenya's story of transformation
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and worked odd jobs in order to pay for his school fees,

always dreaming of a brighter future for himself.

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At age 16, Bukenya aged out of the orphanage and found himself back on the street.

A man clearly unafraid of hard work, he laid bricks for a local construction company but

often never received pay for his work.

Bukenya wasn’t alone in his struggle to survive.

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A staggering 80 percent of adults aged 20-24 remain unemployed in Uganda. And it is not uncommon for workers to never receive their proper pay.

Bukenya was living with his expectant fiancée Coral in the slums of Kampala, still doing odd jobs trying to make ends meet when he met Jalia and Daniel; the owners of Noonday’s artisan group in Kampala.

Wanting to invest in the young couple, Jalia and Daniel soon helped find them a modest one-room home and even paid their first month’s rent in exchange for storing some jewelry supplies there.

It was soon discovered that Bukenya was prolific with his hands and had a real gift for problem solving even some of our most difficult designs.

Soon after their move, Coral gave birth to a healthy little girl. They named her Shalom, meaning peace. Indeed, safe in their new home, with a community to care for them,

the couple was finally feeling true peace.

For most of the world’s poor, paying the legal fees for a marriage certificate is simply out of the realm of possibility.

For that reason, most of the poor never officially get married. However, with their new income and support from their fellow artisans, Coral and Bukenya began to dream of a wedding.

Along with the couple’s local church, Noonday Collection helped them to realize what had seemed unattainable for so long.

On December 15, 2012, Bukenya became the first of all his father’s children to officially wed.

With one dream made firmly a reality, Bukenya continues to plan for the future. He recently purchased land and is saving to build a home for his family.

From homeless to homeowner,

Bukenya’s story is one of

True Transformation.


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