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Your Guide to Fall 2016 Dressing

Daisy Rosales is a Noonday Ambassador living in Pasadena, California. In addition to gushing about Noonday, she is a marketer, blogger, wanderluster, and gatherer of amazing women in her community. She lives with her husband and a houseful of plants, and tries to perfect the art of latte drinking in her spare time. Head over to her blog, Simplicity Relished, for minimalism and adventure.

One of my favorite things about jewelry is that you can dress for the seasons no matter what the weather is. While most of my favorite Noonday pieces accompany me to work and play year-round, I’m especially excited about wearing Noonday’s new Fall Collection as we head into the next several months.

Despite our endless summer here in Southern California (and no, I’m not complaining!), even we want to participate in our favorite autumn festivities—and dress the part. Sipping apple cider, decorating with pumpkins, and baking heavenly treats are ubiquitous traditions. Oh, and testing out some new Thanksgiving recipes is not to be missed.

So whether you’re nostalgically clinging to the remnants of summer or striding with determination toward fall, these brand new Artisan-crafted pieces are perfect for this transition. Here are a few looks to try out!

fall style

1. Mediterranean Sunshine

Midnight Necklace + Concentric Earrings + Angled Brass Cuff + Serenity Wrap Bracelet

These pieces bring a gorgeous navy and gold to any white dress—and aren’t you glad wearing white after Labor Day is no longer faux pas? This combo makes me ready to sail away in the autumn breeze.

fall style

2. Glamorous Mod

Solstice Necklace + Chandelier Earrings + La Noche Bracelet

Accessorize your favorite mod outfit with the season’s best sparkles. The Solstice Necklace plays well with neutrals and patterns alike, while the Chandelier Earrings and La Noche Bracelet make a gorgeous day-to-night pairing.

fall style

3. Bold Elegance

Evangeline Necklace + Alvaro Bracelets + Monarch Earrings

Elevate your go-to fall pieces with the sweeping beauty of the Evangeline Necklace and Monarch Earrings. These two pieces from India add an instant sophistication and take you from desk to dinner in no time. The Alvaro Bracelets are the perfect addition with their bold accent colors.

fall style

4. SOHO Chic

Parisa Scarf Necklace + Victoria Earrings + Wandering Steps Bracelet

Does anything say “downtown” better than a statement scarf necklace? The precious Parisa Scarf Necklace from Afghanistan ups the hip factor of any fall outfit, and is still classy enough for meetings and date nights. Pairing large earrings with a scarf is my favorite thing—so try the stunning Victoria Earrings with this. Balance the boldness with the soft whites of the Wandering Steps Bracelet.

fall style

5. Wear-to-Work Modern

Harmony Necklace + Lumiere Earrings + Marketplace Bangles

Give a nod to the movement motif with the gorgeous Harmony Necklace. There’s nothing better than a 3-in-1 piece that is neutral enough for any office—and yet unique enough to make a statement. Add the structural Lumiere Earrings for extra motion, and add a pop of color with the Marketplace Bangles.

fall style

6. Classic Confidence

Del Rio Necklace + Column Earrings + Very Versatile Bracelet

Throw on the Del Rio Necklace for a bold color story that will instantly take your outfit from neutral to fall. I love this classy piece from Ecuador: it is simultaneously sophisticated and playful. Style it with your favorite gold earrings and neutral bracelets to keep the attention on Del Rio. This is the perfect accessory for the girl who loves silk shirts as much as she loves jeans.

fall style

7. Petrol Daredevil

Skyward Necklace + Anthology Earrings + Effortless Cuff + Azure Wrap Bracelet + Festival Bracelet

Rock this season’s trendiest color—petrol—with the stunning Skyward Necklace. Make it the primary anchor of your ensemble by adding the Anthology Earrings and Azure Wrap Bracelet. For even more flare, introduce variation with the Effortless Cuff and Festival Bracelet in Navy.

fall style

8. Moody Minimalist

Tableau Necklace + Parlor Earrings

Throw on this season’s most modern piece, perfectly balanced by its soft neutral colors. The Tableau Necklace is a subtle statement with a lovely hint of gold; echo that metallic with the versatile Parlor Earrings (they can be worn four different ways) and a dark lip.

fall style

9. Parisian Cool

Sculptor Necklace + Daybreak Earrings

Be the coolest cat in town with a black menswear blazer, the oh-so-elegant Sculptor Necklace, and the versatile Daybreak Earrings. These pieces not only show off incredible Artisan skills, but also exude the sleek feel of fall fashion runways.

Ready to take bold strides toward autumn? Mix and match these looks and contact your local Noonday Ambassador for more styling tips!