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Grad & Teacher Gifts: 6 Ways to Gift with Meaning This Season

Looking for the perfect gift for the grad in your life? Or hoping to find something special for your children’s teachers but don’t want to break the bank? Today on Flourish, Ambassador Jill Moerschell shares 6 ways to gift something meaningful to the grads and teachers in your life! 

Can you feel it? That buzz of excitement as the school year winds down? Maybe your kids are providing a daily countdown to summer? Same.

The month of May is full of celebrations and reflection – dinners, parties, field days, and ceremonies will likely surround our communities and many a calendar. It’s a time to acknowledge those who teach and those who have achieved academic accomplishments and are moving on to a new phase in life:  it’s a time to celebrate the teacher and the graduate. And in our acknowledgment of these special people, there is opportunity to give meaningful gifts that will let them know we value their commitment and unique personalities, all while celebrating their inspiring abilities.

Meaningful Gifting for the Teacher

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

A teacher puts in more hours than we see, possibly spends more time with kids than parents do during the school year, and influences children’s perceptions of themselves and the world.  Now is a perfect opportunity to let a teacher know her hard work and dedication are noticed and appreciated, as well as wish her rest and enjoyment during summer break.

A gift of possibility

Many of my favorite teacher gift ideas come from Noonday Collection’s Ugandan Artisan Partners. This partnership has brought about many beautiful things, including a daycare and library for children of Artisans. Gifting items like the amazing paper bead creations from Uganda are a visual way to demonstrate what believing in a child’s worth can do. It lets a teacher know her contributions are valued and has a special connection to the power of education around the world. And with paper bead bracelet, earring, and necklace options beginning as low as $14, there are a variety of handmade pieces to choose from for a variety of gifting budgets!A handwritten note or drawing from a child, a little treat, and pieces like the colorful Dainty Paper Bead Necklace are a wonderful, personalized way to let teachers know that we appreciate the difference they are making in our children’s lives.

A gift within a gift

Maybe you are unsure of what to give a teacher, or you want to give them the gift of shopping for themselves as they soak in some rest time? Give a gift card to their favorite store, restaurant, or movie theater. Noonday has e-gift cards available in a variety of increments too! Make a gift card more personalized with a Noonday Collection luggage tag. Both the Huipil and Market Place luggage tags are under $20 and hold standard gift cards. It’s a fun and creative way to acknowledge a teacher while providing empowerment to artisans around the globe.

The Huipil Luggage Tag from Guatemala. These come in a variety of colors and patterns!

A gift of organization

And for the teacher that loves to accessorize and be organized: someplace to keep her pieces easily accessible and ready to wear. The Postmark Jewelry Roll has interior pockets and compartments to hold a teacher’s favorite accessories as they travel during their summer break. I love to carry it as a clutch too!

The Postmark Jewelry Roll holds all the pretty things and doubles as the cutest clutch!

Meaningful Gifting for the Graduate

I love graduations. The atmosphere around a graduation is charged with celebration, hope and possibility! And giving meaningful gifts to a graduate can be easy and inspired all at once.

A gift for every journey

Perhaps the graduate will be embarking on a trip or perhaps they will be starting a job soon (fingers crossed, right parents?). Gifts like stud earrings are a guaranteed wardrobe staple that work for any graduate and help her look stylish and pulled together on her next adventure. Noonday Collection has several stud earring options, including the Trinity Studs pictured below. These are made by an Artisan Business in India that collaborates with small Artisan workshops to improve skills, ensure fair wages, and provide dignified work to talented Artisans.

A gift of a daily reminder

Another gifting idea for the graduate comes from the new Storyline Collection from Artisans in East Asia. The Courage Necklace is a regular reminder to the graduate that every new phase brings the unknown, but that she has the courage within herself to overcome her doubts and fears.

The Courage Necklace encourages the graduate to take the next steps in their story and lets them know you are in their corner. Add the Curiosity Cuff for a nod to the possibilities of future exploration and growth!

A gift of fun practicality

The graduate may start college next fall or a new job within weeks, and a good bag will help her walk into either new journey with style and confidence. Noonday Collection has several fabulous bags! My favorite bag for the graduate is the Modern Leather Tote. It can hold a laptop, notebooks, a change of shoes, and more and is made by Artisans in India who focus on employing women, providing empowerment and valuable skills to a segment of the population that often has little access to job opportunities.

Want a bag that can hold a laptop, books, travel journals and more for the graduate? Look no further than the trusty Modern Leather Tote! This bag does it all and is low-maintenance, making it a great gift for college, work, or travel. Accessorized here with the Fez Bandana from Guatemala.

These are just few of the many ways you can gift with meaning with Noonday Collection. When you gift Noonday, you demonstrate thoughtfulness for the recipient and provide connection and empowerment to people around the globe. It’s hope, promise, celebration, encouragement, and more in colorful bags and packages!

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