Three Essentials for a Garden Party Tablescape - Flourish by Noonday Collection Если вы только размышляете над тем, какую форму кредита предпочесть, то мы хотели бы посоветовать вам присмотреться к микрозайму. Это точно такой же кредит, к которому мы все давно привыкли, просто выдаётся он не классическим банком, а мфо. И ещё нюанс, есть возможность получить такого рода кредит без процентов, то есть займ будет для вас абсолютно бесплатным.

Three Essentials for a Garden Party Tablescape

Summer is the perfect time to host a Noonday Collection Trunk Show. This June and July, we’re thanking the inspirational women who gather their friends at Trunk Shows with better-than-ever Hostess Rewards. We’re also sharing some of our favorite ideas for making Trunk Shows meaningful, beautiful and fun! Today on Flourish, Noonday Graphic Designer Ana Peake inspires us with three ways to create a gorgeous table for a garden party Trunk Show.

Garden Party Trunk Show

All you need to host a great Trunk Show is a place to gather and the desire to bring your community together for a great cause. Trunk Shows are all about styling, storytelling and shopping. Your Noonday Ambassador will bring everything she needs to transform your dining table or kitchen island into a boutique full of gorgeous jewelry and accessories.

This summer, I had so much fun setting up this outdoor garden party Trunk Show in my friend’s backyard. We gathered our friends together around a beautiful table decorated with twinkling candles and fresh flowers to sip cocktails and shop. You can keep your Trunk Show set-up simple, but if you’re like me, you love having the chance to bring your own special touch to your Trunk Show. Here are some simple and fun tips for creating a beautiful garden party show of your own!

Start with a Tablecloth

Garden Party Trunk Show

We used a large piece of fabric from Uganda that pairs well with the story behind Noonday’s pieces, but you can use anything you have on hand that makes you happy! One guideline is to choose something that is pretty but not distracting. If you go with something patterned, just make sure it’s fairly neutral with a pop of color or two! You’ll want to make sure the jewelry is what really shines on your table.

Add Some Fresh Flowers

Garden Party Trunk Show

With fresh flowers, a little bit goes a long way towards brightening up your Trunk Show space. My favorite place to buy flowers on a budget is at my local grocery store – places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods will often have in-season flowers on sale for great prices. Just look out for flowers that are readily available and that catch your eye! Again, you don’t need a whole field of wildflowers to make your table beautiful – you’ll want to leave plenty of room for your Ambassador to set up her samples. Finally, when it comes to vases, don’t be afraid to go eclectic! Pull out whatever you have on hand – mason jars, milk glass, old Perrier bottles, whatever you like. Just make sure your arrangements don’t block people’s view of what’s on the table!

Finish with Candles

Garden Party Trunk Show

Cute lighting is a must for a evening garden party. And as a bonus, you can use citronella candles to help keep those pesky summer mosquitos at bay. We paired some classic column candles (at a fairly low height to avoid incidents!) with some sweet DIY tin can lanterns – go here to see how you can make them yourself using a few simple materials! Finally, if you’ve been needing some motivation to get those cute twinkle lights you bought six months ago up, use your Trunk Show as an excuse! Adding some ambient lighting to your yard is a great way to make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a fairytale.

Want more garden party Trunk Show tips? Check out our favorite recipes for fresh summer drinks!

Are you dreaming of hosting your own Trunk Show?

Garden Party Trunk Show

The women who say “yes” to hosting Trunk Shows are at the very heart of what we do at Noonday Collection. These women open their homes and create a marketplace for Artisans from all over the world, empowering artisan business owners to grow and create more jobs in vulnerable communities. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to host a Noonday Trunk Show, this is it! For a limited time only in June and July, Noonday Hostesses can earn up to 25% of sales in free jewelry and accessories – plus an exclusive invitation to shop our new Fall collection at up to 25% off.


Meet Ana Peake

Ana is a graphic designer at Noonday Collection who loves styling photo shoots and creating beautiful print content. On Flourish, she enjoys helping others bring art and design into everyday life. Away from the office, you can find her gardening, exploring Austin’s culinary scene and making her own discoveries in the kitchen.