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Empowering Women in India: Mamta’s Story

In a small village near Jaipur, India, there lived a girl named Mamta. Often seen as shy and inhibited, she had not been taught to read or write and could count only to 100. Mamta never dreamed that she would one day become the breadwinner of her family during the most challenging time of their lives.

You see, many women in rural India are married at a young age. The roles expected of them are to be adoring wives, active mothers, and housekeepers – an irreplaceable part of the family unit, but not a woman free to pursue her goals outside of the home. Mamta’s story was similar.

After giving birth to her second child, Mamta and her husband moved to Jaipur to give their growing family opportunities they never had. Her husband began selling fruit on the city streets, but his wages were barely enough to make ends meet.

Courageously, Mamta decided she would step out of the house as a working woman. She was a mother determined to send her children to school with the wages received from her work with our Artisan Partner.

Mamta crafts the Quilted Kantha Headband by hand.

The artisanal work making Noonday accessories felt completely foreign to Mamta at first. Would her hands ever stop shaking? Would she understand the steps to craft headbands like the other Artisans? Could she really do this? 

With the training of our Artisan Business Partner, Mamta’s confidence quickly began to grow. She learned to write her own signature. She could bind books, make paper bags, and stitch beautiful textiles. Count to 100? She now confidently counted to 1,000, and she kept learning. But the biggest challenge for Mamta and her family had yet to come.

Mamta’s husband was prohibited from running his roadside fruit stand during the three-month lockdown due to COVID-19 last spring. Because of your purchases, Mamta was able to support her husband and three children as she fulfilled an order for the Quilted Kantha Headband from our Artisan Partner. For an hour each day, she would meet with her colleagues nearby to collect the cloth and print the headband’s pattern, and then returned to safely work from home. 

When you purchase the Lush HeadbandQuilted Kantha Headband, or the Ikat Scrunchies, Set of 2, you help women like Mamta pave a path of empowerment for themselves and their children.

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Carla is a part of the Marketing Team at Noonday Collection and loves to write about social justice and how fair-trade fashion makes an impact across the globe. She also enjoys traveling as much as possible, spending time outside with her husband and rescue pups, and whipping up new recipes in the kitchen.