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Come for the Earrings, Stay for the Community: A Trunk Show Story

Sarah Gillette has been a part of the Noonday Collection Ambassador community for a little over a year. Sarah is passionate about empowering women in America and helping them understand the power they have to make an impact for others. Today on Flourish, Sarah shares about the amazing ways Trunk Shows have sparked authentic connections between women in her own community, and across the globe.

If there’s one thing I always make sure my Trunk Show Hostesses know, it is this: When you host a Noonday Collection Trunk Show you are creating a marketplace for Artisans around the world. Your marketplace provides an opportunity for these Artisans to sell their products to women in the United States. And the opportunity you create allows them to send their children to school, pay healthcare costs, save to build a home and pursue their dreams. It’s a beautiful way to make a real impact for someone across the globe!


But beyond global impact, have you considered the ways hosting a Trunk Show could make an impact on women in your daily life? Have you stopped to realize, dream, and imagine the possible ways your Trunk Show can help you create connection and opportunity for women in your own community?

Recently, a dear friend of mine, Abby, hosted a Trunk Show. She intentionally designed the event to help foster relationships among women in her church. Abby invited all the women she knew, plus some women she didn’t know. As the guests walked in, I began introducing myself to each one.

Haley walked in and mentioned how she was new to the city. In fact, she just moved last weekend to start a new job. I asked if she knew anyone at the Trunk Show, and she said she had briefly met a few women prior to the event. She entered the room boldly and bravely and found common ground with total strangers over earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The rest of the evening was filled with great conversation, yummy snacks, and beautiful jewelry. One of Abby’s friends, Christine, loved Noonday Collection so much that she decided to commit to hosting her own Trunk Show. She wanted to create a similar environment where women could learn about the mission of Noonday while also connecting with one another. Before the night was over, we picked a date and arranged the details.

After some planning and preparation, I arrived to Christine’s house several months after Abby’s original Trunk Show. While I was setting up the jewelry and catching up with Christine, I remembered the woman who was new to the city. I asked her, “Did you meet Haley at Abby’s Trunk Show? She was new to the area. I was wondering how she’s been doing? Do you know if anyone has kept up with her?”

Quickly, Christine replied saying, “Yes! Sarah, I’m so glad you asked! Because of that Trunk Show Haley and I have become such good friends. We are practically the same person. In fact, we are going on a road trip together this weekend!”

Immediately, my heart was filled with joy. I was thrilled that Haley found meaningful connections in a new city as a result of attending a Noonday Collection Trunk Show. Yes, she gained a new pair of amazing earrings, but she also gained so much more. I was able to see Haley again that night and hear about the past few months in a new place. She reflected on how many friendships were formed as a result of attending that first Trunk Show several months prior.

When you commit to hosting a Trunk Show you are creating opportunity around the world—but you’re also creating opportunity in your own neighborhood. A Trunk Show is about so much more than just jewelry. It’s about creating a space of connection and belonging for women in your life. It’s an opportunity to prove to other women that they are loved, chosen, and desired. All you have to do is invite them.

Thanks to Jessi Nichols Photography for all the photos!

Want to gather women in your community for a meaningful time of friendship, impact, and fashion? Sign up to host your own Noonday Collection Trunk Show and we’ll connect you with an Ambassador in your area!