Behind the Design | Fall 2018 - Flourish by Noonday Collection

Behind the Design | Fall 2018

Hey World Changers!

Noonday Collection Founder Jessica Honegger here. In honor of our brand-new Fall Collection, I’m excited to introduce you to some of our incredible design team, Sarah Sides, Jessica Otwell, and Hollie Velten-Latrell. These women know fashion. Not only are they constantly running a few steps ahead of trends to discover elegant, cutting-edge aesthetics, they also have a knack for dreaming up styles that capture the beauty of the global locales we work in across the globe.

Imperfection and the New Muse!

Too often, keeping up with fashion can feel like a game that not all women can play. But, this fall, our team is working hard to change that with a season line inspired by the theme “Imperfect by Design.”

If you know me, you know that the theme of “imperfection” is one that is near and dear to my heart. In fact, I wrote a whole book about it!

That’s why I’m so excited about our latest collection. Rather than pushing for unattainable, polished perfection, at Noonday Collection we are all about helping every woman get in touch with her “Everyday Muse”—the imperfectly courageous woman inside her, just waiting for a chance to shine.

Pirouette Earrings, Red // Don’t be shy! These red leather tassels frame the face beautifully and will not go unnoticed.

I huddled up with my design team and asked them to share more about the inspiration behind our new collection for fall—and how we can all find inspiration through style this season.

Beauty in Our Own Backyards

I’m so excited to see fashion encouraging women to embrace their “Everyday Muse.” Sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to put ourselves out there as us—just the way we are in everyday life—and think of that as fashionable. How do you—and how can we—learn to recognize the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary?

Hollie: Yes, it can be intimidating when we’re surrounded by this onslaught of edginess that we think of when we imagine what fashion has been in the past. But that’s changing. The new wave is all about authenticity and using your own personal fashion to tell your own story.

Something that I like to incorporate into designs is the idea that beauty is what you find in your own backyard. Catching a glimpse of a neighbor or a flower—something simple, but still very beautiful. So, we designed a lot of pieces that expose beauty in things that have always been pretty normal.

The woodwork in a few of our pieces is a great example. It’s crafted. It’s detailed. It’s beautiful! But it might have been overlooked before because it’s not ostentatious. So, we’re after that kind of beauty. It doesn’t call attention to itself, so we’ll call attention to it.

Woodwork in pieces from Noonday’s Fall 2018 collection is unexpectedly breathtaking!

Fashion that Can Tell a Story

That’s fantastic. I love this season’s wooden accents. What other trends are you excited about launching?

Sarah: I think the resurgence of bows is a really fun trend—it’s feminine but it’s bold and daring! And it really embodies the “Imperfect by Design” theme, because bows can be worn in so many ways. They don’t have to be perfectly straight or symmetrical, and you can wear them around your wrist, your neck, or your waist. They’re beautiful because of what they are, not because of how they’re worn.

Velvet Rope Necklace // Rich red velvet beads pair with a matching length of silk ribbon for a necklace with endless possibilities.

Actually, in the fashion world, we’re seeing that whatever you adorn yourself with has a deeper meaning than the purchase value. The storyline behind every piece is where the value comes from now. With our designs at Noonday Collection, the pieces should be emblematic of the people who craft them.
Like our pieces from Vietnam—where water buffalo horns can be recycled into earrings. The artisans who make those pieces have been crafting with that resource for generations. To wear those earrings is to support and participate in a long history of resiliency and ingenuity. These pieces play a part in preserving that heritage.

Hai Hoops // Delicately detailed gold studs anchor gorgeous hoops crafted from water buffalo horn for a timeless tortoise shell look.

Between heritage and sheer beauty, these pieces crafted from polished water buffalo horn are a chic instant classic.

Daring Combinations

That’s a bold use for fashion: choosing what you wear as a way to reach out to and connect with other people across the globe. Boldness is a theme this season. How else would you encourage women to be courageous with these trends?

Sarah: Don’t get caught up in a single piece or a single look. The boldness we see this season comes from daring combinations. Some looks by designer Johanna Ortiz come to mind—she had an image that stuck with us. It had big combos of red with white, stripes with florals, and bows with hard lines. Stripes on floral is definitely a bold move. But mixing and matching, then just going with it—that’s what makes it work.

It’s a fun way to capture the interactions between femininity and masculinity in fashion, and how those elements are being challenged and reworked. The drama comes from the combination, and, in a big way, that’s the mood of this line.

Velveteen Earrings, Black // These two-layer drops are made from rich black velvet with beaded trim detail.

When “everyday” combinations come together! // Darling Wrap Bracelet with Kaleidoscope Earrings and Threaded Chain Choker

Layering: Unique Stories and Complex Statements

The color of the season. Call it red, berry, crimson, scarlet. Just don’t call it boring.

I’ve been loving seeing how our customers create those combinations! I love how we paired the dainty Velvet Rope Necklace from Vietnam with the vibrancy of our Santa Lucia Bag from Guatemala. The boisterous shades of red coming out this Fall can bring almost anything together! What should we make of those contrasts?

Hollie: You can make a more complex statement. Which is another way of saying that you can tell a more complex, more complete story. You can have different shapes and textures and colors. You can layer hearts and feathers and braids and chains.

And it’s all handcrafted too, which just deepens and nuances every look that much more. Every piece is unique—one of a kind—with minor irregularities that make them imperfect, truly by design.

Ajuna Necklace (right)

Jessica O: Yeah, I love the layering too. Because it’s all about personalization and uniqueness, it can’t be compared to a standard. It’s not about that. And that revolution is what transforms imperfection into something truly beautiful.

That kind of layering is another trend that I think can be pretty meaningful, especially with Noonday pieces that come from so many places around the world. It doesn’t take much to end up with a look that spans multiple continents. Tell our readers what kind of challenges you faced in trying to balance such vastly different styles.

Jessica O: It really comes down to the materials. Each country is very resource-focused. That’s going to dictate what the designs look like, not just in terms of what materials compose them, but what techniques can be used to craft them. A lot of the raw materials are connected to specific crafts through heritage and tradition. We respect that. And we want our designs to bring that craft into light and showcase it. We build on their strengths and use it as the core of our designs. So, when we’re layering, we’re thinking more about what materials and techniques can compliment other materials and techniques.

Eldorado Earrings & Eldorado Necklace // Artisans hand-weave golden grass into links that shimmer like burnished metal!

Sarah: Yes, we really loved how metal-worked pieces from Kenya played with the medallions and paper from other countries. Marrying those metals with the strong color groups lends a luxe kind of fun to any compilation.

Innovation and Versatility

Speaking of unexpected combinations, I’m excited about how scarves are being used to style hair this fall! That’ll be perfect for the sweltering Septembers we see here at our home office in Austin, TX.

Sarah: Oh, yes! The bows and scarves in braids was an image that kept coming up. We saw it a lot when we were trend-hunting in Los Angeles. We were so excited.

Coastline Bandana

Jessica O: And you’re so right—here in Austin, having your hair up is just better this time of year. And we have to find new ways to wear scarves and bandanas that keep us cool instead or warm during those early autumn months. I think the heat has made us more creative with them. But these looks are so chic no matter what climate you live in!

Yosemite Bracelet

Reaching Far and Wide with Fall 2018

We launched 79 new styles with our latest collection! How can customers make the most of the Fall 2018 collection?

Hollie: If you get overwhelmed, just pair something old with something new. Stack one new bracelet with something old like a family heirloom. And don’t shy away from proportion. An oversized hoop is as wearable for everyday as a tiny stud.

Jessica O: You can even design an entire outfit around one of our new bags—they’re boho-beautiful, and they can be versatile and totally functional. Yes, start with a bag and build the rest around it.

Spice up any look with this vibrant Santa Lucia Bag

Monterey Bag // This bag is crafted from beautiful russet brown leather with a woven panel detail and leather tassel accents on the handles.

Suede Arc Crossbody with black leather whipstitch detail on the front flap.

Sarah: Right now, the fashion world really has become a way to tell your own story. So, go bold! Go imperfectly, knowing imperfection is a good thing! Mix and match to make it yours. Only yours.

Layer away with Noonday Collection’s Fall 2018 stack-able bracelets!

It’s always a blast to get to spend time with my design team! These creative ladies are a key part in helping us build a flourishing world here at Noonday Collection.

Be sure to shop our latest collection, and use #noondaystyle on social to show us how you’re making these looks your own this season!

Noonday Collection Founder & Co-CEO

Meet Jessica Honegger

Jessica is Noonday Collection’s Founder and Chief Dreamer. Jessica spends her days inspiring others to live lives of purpose—from empowering our Ambassadors to be powerful storytellers and stylists, to visiting and encouraging our Artisans partners across the globe. After hours, Jessica can be found relaxing with her husband, dancing with her three children, and enjoying a good book.