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Announcing Noonday’s Impact Report for 2017

Guest post by Karen Gibbs, Noonday Collection’s Leader of Artisan Development

The Impact of Beauty

One of the mottos I love most at Noonday is Style Your Friends. Change the World. I love it because it celebrates the combination of beauty and impact, and I believe that combination is what makes Noonday’s handmade jewelry so unique and wonderful. The beauty of handmade jewelry gives customers a confident sense of style, and their purchases help create and support dignified jobs for artisans. The more you think about this synergy between beauty and impact, the more amazing it becomes!

When Noonday says “Change the World,” we mean working together to build a flourishing world. One way we strive to help the world flourish is by upholding the values of fair trade when collaborating with our Artisan Business Partners around the globe. My role at Noonday is to help track those fair trade values and to document exactly how Noonday is using them to make a worldwide impact.

I take a two-fold approach to sharing that impact with our communities. On the one hand, I love stories and the close personal connections that grow out of them. On the other hand, I know nothing shows progress like numbers and figures. As we track Noonday’s impact, we’ve focused on collecting stories that communicate the warmth and hope of our community and the statistics that make our impact and its effects as transparent as possible. Noonday has developed one more way to make that impact data more accessible.

I am excited to announce the release of our first-ever annual Impact Report! The 2017 Impact Report is a way to celebrate how members of the Noonday Community—customers, Hostesses, Ambassadors, Artisan Business Partners, and the Artisans themselves—strive to make a difference and help the world flourish.

Read the Impact Report

What is the 2017 Impact Report?

The 2017 Impact Report reviews the impact that Noonday made in 2017 by analyzing the orders placed with Artisan Business Partners and the products sold to Noonday customers. It also examines additional investments that Noonday Collection made to uphold fair trade principles for the integrity and dignity of our Flourishing World. The report is organized into four sections that overview our business model, our values, our global reach, and our new initiatives.

Here’s a little preview!

Our Vision

This section of the 2017 Impact Report documents how the impact we’ve made is strengthening the four pillars of the Flourishing World: People Have Jobs, Women Are Empowered,  Children Are Cherished, and We Are Connected. We provide specific data on what we’ve accomplished in support of those values. For example, 72% of the Artisans producing Noonday’s products are women—women who are empowered through dignified work!

Impact by Country

This section celebrates our partnerships, the jobs we helped create for Artisans, and our key accomplishments in the 14 countries we worked with throughout 2017. Just look at Guatemala! Over the past year, we helped sustain 340 dignified jobs for Artisans—an 89% increase since we began collaborating with our Guatemalan Business Partners.

How We Work

This section illustrates how Noonday practices the tenants of fair trade by documenting our responsible financing terms, the outcomes of our collaborative design process, the duration and longevity of our partnerships, and investments in capacity development. One case that the report highlights is how Noonday designed and introduced 169 new products in collaboration with our Artisan Business Partners in 2017.

Bridging the Gap

This last section introduces Noonday’s latest project: the Flourishing World Initiative. Through this new program, Noonday raised $16,000 to invest in social programs in Haiti as part of our “Impact Haiti Giveback” campaign.

We’re especially excited to introduce this last section and announce the Flourishing World Initiative. Noonday hopes that this project will provide direct financial and in-kind donations to programs that uphold the four pillars of the Flourishing World. These programs include Adoption Trunk Shows and Impact Giveback campaigns, as well as direct donations.

The biggest impact Noonday makes is through the orders we place and the long-term relationships we develop with Artisan Business Partners and Customers. But we know that emergencies sometimes arise and extra investment is needed to ensure the wellbeing of individuals and communities. And that’s exactly why we formalized the Flourishing World Initiative. Our 2017 Impact Report documents how over $200,000 was invested throughout the year as part of this initiative.

Delivering the Facts

How did we collect all the data in the Impact Report? Well, there are actually a number of ways we account for the progress we make every day:

  • We survey our Artisan Business Partners twice per year to understand the impact that Noonday’s purchase orders make on business, resources, and—very importantly—Artisan employment.
  • We ask our Artisan Business Partners to report how many Artisans are regularly involved in producing Noonday’s orders, which Artisans are women, and where exactly each of the Artisans work.
  • We analyze Noonday’s sales and purchasing reports by Artisan Business Partner and by country to compare annual changes.
  • We examine sales reports for Adoption Trunk Shows and track the number of families that those shows have supported.
  • We review the Annual Reports of our Artisan Business Partners to understand the impact they are achieving with their business.

All of this information is compiled, analyzed, and reviewed by an internal Noonday team. We collect this information not only to share our community impact with all of you, but also to keep Noonday accountable to its values. That’s very important to us. We don’t just use the data to understand where our impact is growing; we use it to learn where our impact needs more attention and how we can focus new designs, production support, and purchasing to make an even bigger impact!

Sharing the Impact with our Community

The 2017 Impact Report is a beautifully thorough account of exactly what our work at Noonday really means, and how styling our friends really can change the world. Whether you’re purchasing gorgeous accessories, hosting Trunk Shows, or reaching out to your community as an Ambassador, the fact is that your involvement with Noonday has its own unique impact. The Impact Report makes that visible through clear statistics. Plus, it’s packed with lively photos and inspiring stories that we hope everyone will share with the entire community—friends, family, coworkers…anyone who wants to see the world flourish and look stylish at the same time!

The 2017 Impact Report is now available (and shareable!) on the Impact page of the Noonday Collection website, and it will be the first of many! We will publish an impact report annually so that you can always follow how Noonday Collection pieces combine their beauty and impact to flourish for years to come.

Thank you for joining us in building a flourishing world!