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An Impact on Education

At Noonday Collection, we work to build a world where all children are cherished by providing dignified jobs that empower families to care for their children. Because of the sustainable work Noonday Ambassadors, Hostesses, and customers provide, our Artisan Partners are able to pay their employees fair wages while supporting education initiatives within their communities!

After-School Care in India

One of our Artisan Partners is especially interested in helping to reduce inequalities in primary education. In 2015, they started a pilot after-school program in Delhi for kids from low-income families who benefit from regular tutoring. In 2016, the success of the program allowed them to open a similar program near their workshop in Noida so that Artisans have childcare.

“We are investing time in children of the communities we work with so that we can have better and properly educated citizens of the future,” says Manasi, an Artisan Leader. Although country-wide lockdowns due to the global pandemic have affected the programs’ operation, our Artisan Partner has worked hard to offer outdoor teaching with masks and social distancing.

Children gather at the after-school program’s space in 2019.

Support for Teens in Thailand

Our Artisan Partner that produces porcelain styles uses clay as a starting point to empower young women and moms on the Thailand-Myanmar border. They also support an after-school group of eight teens who are especially vulnerable to exploitation or trafficking.

In our Artisan Partner’s words, “We recognized that by giving them community, life-skills training, and supplemental income, with part held as savings and an education scholarship, we could prevent further exploitation and empower them towards hope-filled forward motion.”

Noonday Collection’s Founder and Co-CEO, Jessica Honegger, visits our Artisan Partner in Thailand.

Community Education in India

One of our Artisan Partners in New Delhi believes in the power of education as a catalyst for building a just and equitable society. They focus on providing seven learning centers for their Artisan communities, the children of Artisans, and marginalized individuals of the public. 

Because of education inequalities, many of the children–especially girls–do not receive formal education. Our Artisan Partner helps to fill in the gap with educational sponsorships, tutoring, vocational training, values-based teaching, health camps, and even self-defense classes for young girls.

Travis Wilson and Jessica Honegger, Co-CEOs, visit a girls’ self-defense class in 2019.

Women’s Education in East Asia

The Artisan Business we partner with to create our Storyline Collection is a social enterprise that cares for women and girls who are overcoming exploitation. Because most of the women received little to no formal education, our Artisan Partner helps them experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers through a robust vocational training program that includes computer training, literacy, writing, and English.

Over 150 women have been employed and trained! Our Artisan Partner also offers medical services, childcare, retirement benefits, parenting classes, and more.

An Artisan assembles the Unified Necklace by hand.

Purchases that Empower

When you shop Noonday items like the Sunrise Necklace, Union Earrings, Apex Cuff, and Plaza Earrings, you help support our Artisan Partners’ education initiatives across the globe. 

Meet Carla Rosas

Carla is a part of the Marketing Team at Noonday Collection and loves to write about social justice and how fair-trade fashion makes an impact across the globe. She also enjoys traveling as much as possible, spending time outside with her husband and rescue pups, and whipping up new recipes in the kitchen.