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An Illuminating DIY: Tin Can Lanterns

Summer is the perfect time to host a Noonday Collection Trunk Show. So we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for making Trunk Shows meaningful, beautiful and fun! Here, Noonday Content Curator Jenna Tanner shares an easy DIY perfect for illuminating your summer celebrations.

Tin Can Lantern DIY

Well hello there, summer! The arrival of June in Austin, Texas means hot, sunny days that melt into warm, hazy evenings. Summer is the perfect time to invite friends to gather in our gardens – and to linger as fireflies illuminate the twilight sky. As we were dreaming of simple ways to update our outdoor spaces, we discovered this easy but beautiful tin can lantern DIY. Can you imagine a better way to brighten a backyard Trunk Show or garden party this summer? In just a few simple steps, you’ll transform yesterday’s recycling into some sweet outdoor décor.

Step One

Tin Can Lantern DIY
Gather and prepare the supplies. For this project, you will need tin cans, spray paint and tea light candles. You will also need a hammer and a nail. To get ready, remove the labels and glue from your tin cans. For stubborn glue, Goo Gone can be a big help.

Step Two

Fill your cans with water and freeze until solid. This makes it possible for you to puncture the can with your design! If you are a patient person, fill the can with a little water, freeze, then fill the remainder of the can and freeze again. This will prevent the bottom of the can from bulging out. If you’re not a patient person (guilty!), we’ll address this problem in a different way later on.

Step Three

Tin Can Lantern DIY
Create your design! Use a hammer and nail to make holes in the can. You can use a stencil if you’re feeling fancy, or free hand to your heart’s content. Don’t put holes too close to the bottom of the can, or the wax in your candle may melt out of them when it gets hot.

Step Four

Set the cans out and let the ice melt completely, then pour out the water. Dry thoroughly. If the bottom of your cans is bulging out, simply turn them upside down and give the bottom of the can a few strategic whacks with your hammer until flat.

Step Five

Spray paint the cans the color of your choosing. We went with classic white. Once dry, stick in a tea light candle or two and enjoy your sweet and simple lanterns!

DIY Tin Can Lanterns

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Meet Jenna Tanner

Jenna is Noonday’s Content Curator and loves to write about fair trade, social justice and Artisans around the world. She also enjoys marathoning her favorite TV shows with her husband, playing intense games of Ticket to Ride, and searching for the best tacos in Austin (let her know if you find them!).