Ambassador Perspectives: Children are Cherished

Ambassador Perspectives: A World Where Children are Cherished

It’s no secret that at Noonday, adoption and family preservation are in our DNA. The same is true for our Ambassador community. These 1,000 women represent diverse communities, backgrounds, ages, marital statuses, and more. But no matter where they are in their lives, they have all committed to creating a flourishing world where children are cherished. On the set of our Fall lookbook shoot, three of our world-changing Ambassadors sat down with us to share their stories and tell us how adoption and family preservation have played an important role in their lives.

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The Sister

Kelsie Kunkle – Cedar Falls, Iowa

Ambassador Kelsie Kunkle

Adoption has been a part of Kelsie’s story from the very beginning. When she was seven, her parents learned about the orphan crisis caused by the Rwandan genocide. In response, they decided to open their home to two Rwandan girls, aged 10 and 15.

“Having two adopted sisters gave me a first-hand perspective of the power adoption has to transform both adopted children and the families who embrace them,” Kelsie says. “My parents were committed to instilling a global worldview in us. I went on my first international mission trip at 12 to Mexico. As I continued to experience the wider world, it woke me up to the issues facing families across the globe.”

Growing up in a family committed to orphan care created a growing passion in Kelsie to see all children find loving homes and families. When she had two daughters of her own, that desire continued to grow – but she felt that she had to put some of her passions aside for a season.

When she discovered the Ambassador Opportunity, the idea that she could advocate for children around the world while being home with her two young daughters immediately excited her. “I love that through Noonday, I am able to work a flexible schedule that accommodates my kids while pursuing my passion for social justice,” Kelsie shared.

As an Ambassador, Kelsie represents the needs of families across the globe while earning an income for her own family. And her passion for orphan care continues to grow. She and her husband Tyler are currently in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia to grow their family of four.

The Adoptive Mom

Heather Bauer – Austin, Texas

Ambassador Heather Bauer

We love that so many members of our Ambassador community are adoptive moms. Even as a child, Heather’s heart stirred towards adoption, and she and her husband were both excited about the possibility of adopting a child. They were well into the process of adopting domestically when they found out that Heather was pregnant – an unexpected surprise that Heather says turned their lives upside-down in the best way. They continued the adoption process and brought home their daughter Lily just a few months before their daughter Claire was born.

When they adopted their son Zane from Ethiopia in 2009, Heather knew she wanted to make a difference in her son’s birth country. “We also needed some extra income to help pay for Zane’s physical therapy,” Heather reflects. “I wanted to find a way to contribute to our family’s income while still having plenty of time with the kids.”

Heather had met Jessica when Noonday was just getting off the ground. A few years later, she decided that the Ambassador Opportunity was the perfect fit for her goals and desires. As a Noonday Ambassador, she now has the opportunity to address the orphan crisis at its source by helping create economic opportunities for parents across the globe.

“I wanted to do something that was already a part of my interests and passions,” Heather reflects. “And as an adoptive mom, I love that my Noonday business gives me the flexibility to do meaningful work for other families while being home with my kids.”

The Advocate

Raeann Patton – Seattle, Washington

Ambassador Raeann Patton

Raeann is an open book, always willing to share her story in hopes of bringing encouragement to others. After she and her husband experienced two painful miscarriages, Raeann struggled to find her place and her confidence again. In the same time period, she was also laid off from two jobs and wasn’t sure what kind of work she was meant to be doing.

“I felt like I was in a boat in the middle of the ocean without a paddle,” Raeann reflects. She started her own stationery and invitation business, and while she enjoyed the work, she still felt that there was something missing.

“I was still grieving my miscarriages and I realized it was crippling me. One day I decided, I am done letting my circumstances define me and I am going to move on.”

Raeann had been contemplating becoming a Noonday Ambassador for some time, but had felt too vulnerable to risk taking on something new. But as she began to come out of this painful season, she felt a renewed calling to do more – for herself and for others.

“I had become a shell of myself after those struggles. And it’s partly because of the work I now get to do through Noonday that I’ve become myself again. I’ve realized that just because I can’t have children of my own doesn’t mean I can’t make sure other mamas get to keep theirs.”

Today, Raeann creates opportunity for mothers around the world that allows them to keep their families together. Making an impact as a Noonday Ambassador has reignited her confidence – and is creating a ripple effect in her community. Her passion is contagious. By advocating for artisan families, she is inspiring women in her community to use their purchasing power for good.

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