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A Tale of Two Ambassadors: Meet Laura Walton

Shakespeare famously inquired, “What’s in a name?” Well in the Noonday Ambassador community, it seems there might be something special about one particular name. Laura Walton and Laura Choy were Noonday’s top two Ambassadors in 2014, selling a combined total of $181,000 worth of fair trade accessories. These two women have made an incredible impact in the lives of our artisan partners across the globe. Today we’re giving you a glimpse into the lives of these world-changing women – from why they Noonday to their recent Ambassador trip to visit Artisans in Ecuador. 

Get to know Laura Walton

Ambassador Laura Walton

Current stomping grounds – Louisville, MS

Favorite songRoar by Katy Perry – it reminds me to always stand up tall as I advocate for our partners across the globe! It’s become the unofficial anthem for the Ambassador community.

Morning mug – Dr. Pepper! But I’m trying to embrace coffee.

Westward Bag | Noonday Collection

Favorite Fall pieces – The Westward Bag and its amazing traditional tassel was an instant favorite. The Column Earrings are so elegant and simple – they’ll be getting a lot of wear this season.

Favorite Trunk Show treats – I love a good dip. Layered Mexican dip has to be my favorite.  I shared my favorite recipe for it over on my blog!

Origin story – I grew up all over Arkansas. Moving a lot really shaped my personality and gave me a love for meeting new people. I’ve been married for 11 years to my husband Jeff and we have two sons, Riley and Eli. I have a PhD in Communications and worked as a professor at Mississippi State for 10 years. In October 2013 I left teaching to grow my Noonday business and to become the Director of Communication for Hispaniola Mountain Ministries, which does development work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Ambassador Highlights – I love that I get to meet so many amazing people through my Trunk Shows. I’ve developed friendships that will last a lifetime. The Noonday community is really extraordinary. I’ve met women who have become my tribe, from fellow Ambassadors to Hostesses to customers who just “get it.” I love to help women get outside of their comfort zones style-wise and see them feeling beautiful in something that’s not their “normal.”

Ambassador Laura Walton

One of my favorite parts of being an Ambassador is getting to partner with adoptive families to help them fundraise to bring their children home. I did a Trunk Show this spring and three of the kids I helped bring home at previous Trunk Shows were in attendance. It’s just amazing to see adoptive families coming together, and to see their communities rallying around them to support them.

Notes from Ecuador – When I found out I would have the opportunity to travel to Ecuador on an Ambassador trip this summer, I couldn’t wait! I was so excited about meeting and spending time with other ladies – both the Ambassadors  I traveled with and our partner artisans! I live in a house full of boys and I truly LOVE spending time in fellowship with and learning from other women. This was also my first international travel that was not Haiti or the Dominican Republic, so I was super excited to see new things and experience new cultures.

Ambassador Laura Walton

I so enjoyed spending time with my Ambassador sisters on this trip. These women are so funny, insightful, encouraging – and well, just AMAZING! They have so much to share about life and I came back recharged not only for the Noonday fall launch but also for life in general. I loved being able to pray with these women and laugh with them – and of course, cry with them – as we experienced the week.

In particular I loved getting to catch up with Laura Choy, who became a close friend when we were roommates at Shine, Noonday’s Ambassador Conference, in January. She is like my sister from another mister. At Shine, we laughed and cried and didn’t sleep a whole lot, but it was an instant friendship that I think has brought so much JOY and encouragement to my life. It was amazing to experience Ecuador with her – to hear her perspective and watch her interact with the Artisans and then get to rehash it all with her after. I hope it’s not the last time we are able to travel together!

Ambassador Laura Walton

I learned so much during my time in Ecuador. It was amazing to see a new part of the world and experience a new culture. The biggest personal takeaway was that family is the big deal in life. Time after time we heard about how important family was and how keeping the family together – and interacting together daily – was a motivation for our partner artisans to grow their businesses. It really made me appreciate the opportunity God has given me in this season to work from home.

Noonday in Ecuador

After visiting the Artisans in Ecuador, “Style Made with Love” has a whole new meaning for me! To watch those precious women piece together the beautiful Tamia Bib Necklace was such a privilege. Their attention to detail and precision were amazing! I feel like I am better able to share the process and all of the Artisans’ stories after seeing it and experiencing a small part of their way of life. And now I also do a little happy dance when a customer selects one of our Ecuador pieces!

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