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A Story of Flourishing: Sadam & Angel’s Wedding

What Does Flourishing Mean?

At Noonday Collection, our mission is to build a flourishing world. But what does flourishing really mean? It looks different in different communities around the world, but at its core flourishing means having opportunities to do the things that celebrate our shared humanity and bring us joy. The things that go beyond what we need to simply survive, and that allow us to truly thrive. That could mean being able to have a birthday party for your child; being able to afford to go to the beauty salon; or being able to welcome guests with an elaborate tea ceremony. But in Uganda, a true sign of flourishing is a wedding

Many Ugandan couples who would like to be married are forced to co-habitate because of financial limitations. They want to have a wedding, but they simply don’t have enough money to do so. Getting married is expensive in Uganda and is therefore reserved for those families who have financial resources. There are two significant marriage expenses. The first expense is a dowry. To be properly married, the groom must present a dowry to the bride’s family. The second expense is the wedding and reception. In Uganda, one’s community of family and friends is large and the expectation is to have a celebration that includes the entire community. 

This summer, Noonday Collection Co-CEO Travis and his family were fortunate to share in a grand celebration of flourishing—the wedding of Sadam and Angel. As you will see, because of the partnership between Noonday Collection and our Ugandan Artisan Business Partner, Sadam and Angel are building a flourishing life together!  

Meet Sadam and Angel

Sadam is the youngest brother of Jalia, the incredible Ugandan entrepreneur who leads our Artisan Business. After Sadam graduated from high school, he came to work at Jalia’s workshop and joined the team that cuts the strips of paper to be used for paper beads. That was seven years ago. At that time, Sadam had ambitions to go to college, but he could not afford it. Determined to earn a college degree, Sadam used his earnings from the workshop to pay for college fees and studied accounting and finance, since he had always thrived in math.

During his time at the workshop, Sadam has worked hard. After spending some time on the cutting team, he was later promoted to finance manager, where he was able to apply his college degree! Today, he is the General Manager at the workshop and is responsible for a wide range of activities, from production to costing to financial planning. Sadam is an integral part of the workshop team. 

Sadam and Angel were high school sweethearts. Angel’s family lives in Tanzania, but they sent Angel to school in Uganda because they knew that the schools were better in Uganda and that Angel would have the opportunity to study in English (rather than in Swahili as she would in Tanzania). After graduating from high school, Angel also had a dream of earning her college degree—but, like Sadam, she and her family could not afford the fees. Fortunately, Noonday’s Artisan Business Partner was able to help Angel make her educational dreams a reality. Angel worked part-time at the workshop and used the income to pay her school fees. She recently graduated from college with her degree in accounting and finance, too. Today, Angel works full time at the workshop and manages the business’ local retail store in Kampala!

A Dream Realized

Thanks to their work with Noonday’s Artisan Business Partner, Sadam and Angel fulfilled their dreams of earning college degrees. And after years of dating but being unable to afford a wedding, this summer they fulfilled their biggest dream of all—to be married. In July, Sadam and Angel were married in front of 260 guests—about 2/3 of whom work alongside them at the workshop! With their family and friends, they made a lifelong commitment to one another and celebrated their union with joy and accomplishment. 

Sadam & Angel with workshop leaders Jalia & Daniel

It’s because of purchases from customers like you that these beautiful stories of flourishing are taking place all over the world. Thank you for joining us in building a world where people can not only survive—but can truly thrive!