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A Peek Inside Our Bag: Meet Katie

One of our favorite things about working at Noonday Collection is seeing how each person on our team styles their Noonday in a unique and personal way. One style on repeat around the office is the Lines and Stripes Catch All. This wardrobe essential is made with a handwoven navy and grey stripe fabric and soft leather by our artisan partners in Guatemala. We have lots of new faces around the Noonday office. We decided there is no better way to get to know a person than by taking a peek inside their bag. Today we want to introduce you to one of our new faces at Noonday. Meet Katie McCauley, our new Community Manager!

katie mccauley

Katie, tell us a little more about your role at Noonday?

I am the Community Manager, where I serve our team of Ambassadors. I spend time cultivating community among the incredible and diverse group of women who create a marketplace for our Artisans. It involves a lot of one-on-one emails, Facebook management, phone calls, planning meet-ups, and even running Instagram challenges.

How did you first hear about Noonday Collection?

Noonday has been calling my name for few years! After I interned with TOMS in college, I dreamed of working for another social brand. Everywhere I went I kept hearing about Noonday. After meeting the Noonday team at the Texas Style Council, I was excited to apply for a job!

What is your favorite part about your job?

The relationships. I have such a unique job! It requires me to connect to each Ambassador. I feel invested in the Ambassadors I’ve had the opportunity to connect with.
 One-on-one relationships come very naturally to me, so a fun challenge has been brainstorming ways to enable the Ambassador community to connect with each other—not just with me. That might be the most enjoyable part of my job, actually. Getting to witness those “me too!” moments between the amazing women in our Ambassador community is really fulfilling. It’s the same feeling as when you introduce two of your friends to one another and they immediately hit it off—magic.

What essentials do you keep in your Lines and Stripes Catch All Bag?

katie mccauley lines and stripes

Here’s what you can find in Katie’s Bag…

  1. Coffee mug
  2. Moleskin and fine-point Sharpie
  3. Marie Claire Magazine
  4. My current read
  5. Madewell hat
  6. Cleansing wipes
  7. Makeup Bag
  8. Perfume
  9. Lotion
  10. iPhone and Earbuds

Coffee is a staple around the Noonday office. Tell us about this cute coffee mug.

I picked this up a couple of years ago in Marfa, Texas. I stumbled into Cobra Rock Boot Company after they were closed for the day, but they invited me in anyway and chatted me up for over an hour. I wasn’t in the market for custom boots, but fell in love with their handmade mugs. That town is such a strange little oasis of good people.

We won’t peek, but what could we find jotted in your notebook?

I’m never without pen and paper. My mini Moleskin is scribbled with notes with everything from song lyrics to a to do lists. I tote around some sort of notebook all day long.

What are you reading these days?

I make an effort to minimize the amount of time I stare at a screen, so I try to have a book on me as often as possible—to feed my brain and give my eyes a break. Anne Lamott is a brilliant writer and one of my favorite humans. She’s hilarious and brutally honest.

I’m also a magazine hoarder. My first career aspiration upon entering college were to work in publishing. I wrote for Seventeen magazine as student, so my love for magazines runs deep. I have an entire bookshelf of magazines at home I can’t bear to part with. I love the curated nature of them: it’s fresh inspiration every month! Marie Claire is a long time favorite and I’m so impressed with their 20th Anniversary issue.

Coco Chanel is definitely a fashion icon, so her perfume seems like a classic choice. What drew you to that scent?

I actually pick a new scent at the start of every new season in my life—and I started wearing Mademoiselle when I started with Noonday in July! I love being able to tie memories and periods of my life to certain perfume. It seemed fitting to have a sweet, light, musky scent for this fall season, and this new season in my career. I can’t help but feel inspired wearing a strong namesake like Coco Chanel.

Thanks for letting us check out what your carrying in your Lines and Stripes Catch All Katie!

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