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  • Stockings with Story: The Rich History of Hmong Fabric

    Guest post by Noonday Ambassador Julie Godshall I often say that the beauty of Noonday’s products lies on the surface as well as beneath it. Just like each of us, these treasures have outer bea...

  • Unwrapping Winter 2018!

    Here at Noonday Collection, we’ve loved hearing how many of you embraced your inner muses with our Fall 2018 line of beautiful handcrafted jewelry and accessories. And now, there’s a refreshing ch...

  • Be Bold! Go Scared with Style.

    Trying to blend in with Noonday’s Fall 2018 Collection? Not a chance. Every season when Noonday Collection launches its newest line, I’m giddy to see the new designs, color schemes, and trends...

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