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5 Guilt-Free Halloween Treats

Loraena is a Noonday Ambassador who makes her home in Portland, Oregon with her husband, daughters, and rambunctious Schnoodle puppy. She is passionate about helping others live out their values–and today she’s sharing her favorite goodies for curating a more thoughtful Halloween treat basket. Whether you’re looking for fair trade options or organic choices for your kids this season, read on for some sweet inspiration!

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but in my family-friendly neighborhood, it tends to be a big deal! Our neighborhood has a lot of kids and it is safe, a contained space of about a square mile, making it a walkable Halloween paradise. Neighbors decorate their homes with mostly kid-friendly seasonal decorations and move their fire pits into the driveway to watch the festivities from comfy chairs while handing out candy. It’s one of the only times when the entire neighborhood is out socializing and we love having an opportunity to be hospitable to so many people at once. There’s always that random house with a scary werewolf that jumps out and makes my daughter cry, but for the most part it’s fun.

One of my neighbors transforms her garage into a tween-friendly haunted house every year that brings people into the neighborhood we wouldn’t otherwise have. As a result, we get more trick-or-treaters at our door than we can even keep up with! This is the only time I buy treats at this quantity and I try to stay consistent with my values as I do so—even if it means spending a little more on healthy and socially conscious goodies. I try to be conscious of the sourcing for our food, so why should Halloween be any different? Our treat basket might look different than some, but I’ve been surprised to find that most kids actually seem to appreciate having different options at our house.

Looking for some ideas about you can create a more thoughtful trick-or-treat basket, too? Here’s what typically shows up in ours!

YumEarth Candy or Fruit Snacks – Our Costco store sells YumEarth fruit snacks and kids love them! YumEarth also sells lollipops, gummy bears, and hard candy. This year they even have individually packaged Halloween themed treats. Their goodies contain simple flavors and colors, and natural ingredients—and they avoid using common allergens, so they can be enjoyed by all the kids who show up at your door!

Stretch Island Fruit Leather – Kids love these and they are healthy, too! They are made from 100% fruit ingredient and are certified organic.

Annie’s Organic Bunny Snacks – Costco also sells a giant variety pack of bunny snacks. Believe it or not, kids in my neighborhood choose these over candy.

Clif Kid Z Bar – Okay, these could get expensive if you buy a lot, but they are a great alternative to candy for a smaller Halloween party or get-together.

Equal Exchange Chocolate Minis – Some of us just can’t do without chocolate! I only ever buy fair trade chocolate because I don’t want my family to enjoy treats that may come at the expense of others. This year, I ordered these minis to have on hand (notice I didn’t say to hand out – hehe). I feel good about these because we’re still offering chocolate but we can be confident it was responsibly sourced. And did I mention they’re completely delicious?

Enjoy your seasonal celebrations and stay safe! Happy Halloween!