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3 Ways to Layer Your Noonday (Without Overdoing It)

Daisy Rosales is a Noonday Ambassador living in Pasadena, California. In addition to gushing about Noonday, she is a marketer, blogger, wanderluster, and gatherer of amazing women in her community. She lives with her husband and a houseful of plants, and tries to perfect the art of latte drinking in her spare time. Head over to her blog, Simplicity Relished, for style and adventure.

I used to be a one-and-done necklace kind of girl. I would be first in line to vote for a catchall accessory that required no adding or adjusting—simplicity at its best. Statement earrings, anyone?

But when I became a Noonday Ambassador, I found my collection of beautiful pieces growing: and the ingenuity that goes into the creation of every new collection invited me to be a bit more creative.


On top of that, I was constantly inspired by Noonday Founder Jessica Honegger’s propensity to wear unexpected combinations of necklaces and bracelets, generating a unique look every time. I had serious layering goals after that.

You see, layering your accessories introduces completely new ways to enjoy them. When done well, the various pieces don’t detract from one another; they actually enhance each other with context in color, texture, and pattern.

The key is creating the right tie-ins that bring out the artistry of each piece. Here are three main principles that help me make this work.

1) Choose a style theme, and build from the necklace.

It can be intimidating to determine which pieces go together—so start with a theme in mind. You could channel your inner modern muse, or step up your classic girl game. If you have a lot of pieces to choose from, pull out all the pieces that fit under your style of choice. Then start mixing and matching.

Image-2 Image-3

In this look, I went with a boho theme. I started with one of my favorite boho dresses, building the look based on what would bring balance to the floral print.

I first picked up the Nehma Bib Necklace to anchor the outfit. I then wanted more shape and movement, so I added the stunning Heritage Necklace underneath it. Nehma balanced the sharp sleekness of Heritage with soft-colored beads.

At this point, I wanted to introduce a subtle variation of whites to the outfit, bringing out the white in my dress. So I threw on the Fringed Crescent Earrings, the Oceanic Necklace as a headpiece, the Alchemy Bracelets, and the white bangle of the Refined Bangles set. Wearing all of the three bangles in the set would have felt like too much (and I wanted to focus on the white tie-in, not gold), but the single mother-of-pearl bangle felt just right.

And finally, I added one more pop of color that would elevate the whole ensemble: the Damalie Bracelet. It reinforced the playful boho aesthetic and kept the look from feeling too coordinated.

2) Repeat textures, patterns, materials and techniques.

There is a scene in the TV show Modern Family where Cam comments that his 3-year-old daughter Lily’s ensemble looked like she “had been dipped in glue and rolled through a flea market.” Yes, that line was so poignant to me that I remembered it from years ago!

None of us want to appear to have too much going on, even if we are wearing lots of pieces. This is where the tie-in really matters. Choose a texture, pattern, material or Artisan technique to focus on. Then build your look such that your selected theme gets repeated at least once.

Image-4 Image-5

In this look, I selected two themes: a lacy, laser-cut texture, and tassels. The Masterpiece Necklace paired beautifully with the Golden Hour Earrings because both have a similar motif.

Next, I layered the Fawn Necklace for added color interest.  This necklace softened the structure of Masterpiece and balanced well with the gold in my earrings. For repetition, I added the beautiful Painterly Scarf. To complete the romantic look, I went with neutral bracelet choices: the Serawit Wrap Bracelet and the Shimmering Sands Bracelet.

3) Balance boldness and subtlety.

Sometimes the hardest outfits to accessorize are the boldest—because we think we need to temper that boldness with subtlety. But often, the opposite is true: bold outfits require bold accessories to balance them, and likewise with subtle outfits.

This bright yellow dress demanded a statement. Had I selected a dainty necklace, both the dress and the necklace would have felt out-of-place.

So I started with the Guardian Necklace as a statement. To my surprise, it felt like it needed some framing. To tie in the gold color, I layered the Chateau Necklace, looping it so it gave me a “choker + long rope” look.  The beautiful Embellished Folder Clutch was an obvious add-on.

To further enhance the yellow, gold, and navy palette, I introduced new textures. The Braided Teardrop Earrings, the Messenger Bracelet, and the gold Refined Bangles did the trick.

Image-6 Image-7

Final thoughts: take the risk.

Not every combination you put together is going to work. And that is okay! As you become more comfortable creating new looks with your own Noonday pieces, you’ll find yourself loving each piece even more. And trust me—when you create a look that’s all your own and step out boldly, you’ll realize the risk is worth it!

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