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3 Ways to Build a Positive Team Culture

Sarah Gillette has been a part of the Noonday Collection Ambassador community for a little over a year. As an Ambassador Coach, Sarah is passionate about teaching women in America about the power they have to make an impact for others. Today on Flourish, she’s sharing her three pillars for building a positive culture in any team or group.

As a Noonday Collection Ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to build a business that impacts lives around the world, but as a Noonday Collection Coach, I have had the opportunity to impact and empower women right here in my own community. Watching women grow in confidence and capability is one of the biggest perks of the job and encourages me to keep building a team of world changers. The title of “Noonday Coach” gives me the opportunity to be in women’s daily lives in a motivating and encouraging way, one of my favorite things to do.

As I coach and build a team of world changers, I seek to establish my team culture upon three pillars – communication, inspiration, and encouragement. Whether you’re a Noonday Ambassador, busy mom, corporate professional, teacher, or entrepreneur, it’s necessary to understand the importance of establishing an open and inspired team culture. We are all on a team in some area of our life, so here are a few of my suggestions on how to empower and be empowered through an open and inspiring team culture.

1. Communication

It is important to set up some form of communication in the beginning phase of your team’s life. Think through what will be convenient for your team members, ask their preferences, and stick to the decided upon mode of communication. If your team is a casual group of friends, something as simple as a group text or email thread may suffice.

My Noonday team uses an application called Slack, a platform that is conducive to multiple conversations in one place. It is here where we ask questions, introduce ideas, share files, and more. By having a designated form of communication specific to our team, there is less confusion, and team members are emboldened to share what is on their mind. Further, this platform of communication serves as accountability to me as a leader. It empowers me to be organized, attentive, and educated so that I can serve my team well.

2. Inspiration

As a Noonday Coach, I take my role as Chief Inspirationalist very seriously. It is the stories of our Artisan Partners around the world overcoming some of life’s toughest circumstances that remind us we really can press on in our businesses. My role as the coach is not to be #1 in sales or to know the most details about our company; instead it is to inspire and motivate my team to be the strongest advocate they can be for our Artisan Partners.

Author and speaker Simon Sinek says, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” What’s the best way to inspire your team? I say the solution is get face-to-face. My team is spread across several states and multiple cities, so this usually happens via Skype. Where is your team located? Get together for dinner or plan a time for a video chat. It is important to remind your team of one another’s humanity by being in close proximity—even if that is a video call online. It is on these team calls that we remind one another why we are running these businesses. Team members have the chance to inspire one another with fresh ideas and success stories. After reviewing our “why’s” with one another, we are re-motivated to find women to partner with us as Hostesses to create a marketplace for our Artisan Partners. I always leave my team calls feeling inspired and empowered to “do more and become more.”

3. Encouragement

When was the last time you wrote the members of your team (read: family, co-workers, volunteers, etc) a handwritten note? When was the last time you sent someone an email pointing out some of the great work they have accomplished? Your words as a leader are powerful. They will leave an impact far greater than you imagine. Share your words with your team, don’t be stingy! As you encourage your team members, you may find yourself boasting a more positive outlook despite negative circumstances. Really, it’s a win/win!

After learning about my team members and understanding what makes them tick, I make a point to encourage them with my handwritten words, special “shout outs” during our time together as a team, and individual compliments. Personalized encouragement takes time and attention, but results in outcomes that are always worth the investment.

Empowered Women Empower Women

Here at Noonday Collection, we like to say that we are “better together.” You’ll find this phrase in our Ambassador Manifesto, a creed of sorts that defines what it means to be part of the Noonday team. No matter what team you are on, you have the opportunity to empower others to be more than they thought they could be through communication, inspiration, and encouragement. When I began this work as an Ambassador, I thought my impact would solely be amongst our Artisan Partners around the world. Today, I am humbled by the opportunity to impact and empower women here at home, helping them see all the ways in which they can change the world.

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